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  • 26 Sex Questions (aka Sextions)

    <b> </b> A. Have you ever had sex in three or more positions in one session?<p><b></b> B. Have you ever had sex continuously for more than an hour?<p><b></b> C. Have you ever devoted an entire day to sex and sexual activity (with breaks for eating, etc)?<p><b></b> D. Have you ever been so loud having sex that housemates/neighbors commented or complained?<p><b></b> E. Have you ever had your sexual technique/style/skill openly praised by someone?<p><b></b> F. Have you ever written an explicitly erotic story?<p><b></b> G. Have you ever brought your partner to orgasm using only your hands?<p><b></b> H. Have you ever licked or sucked on someone else’s feet and/or toes?<p><b></b> I. Have you ever had sex with someone you’re not in a relationship with?<p><b></b> J. Have you ever had sex simultaneously with two or more people?<p><b></b> K. Have you ever had anal sex?<p><b></b> L. Have you ever gone out in public while wearing an anal plug?<p><b></b> M. Have you ever gotten really turned on by saying or hearing dirty talk?<p><b></b> N. Have you ever realized that you are much more sexually open-minded/kinky than most of your previous partners and/or friends?<p><b></b> O. Have you ever been part of an S/M roleplay (master/mistress/slave), domination (as the dominant/submissive part), or being victim of pain (such as whipping, caning, hot wax on genitals, nippleclamps/genital clamps etc.)?<p><b></b> P. Have you ever fantasized about or practiced orgasm control/denial?<p><b></b> Q. Have you ever tried scissoring?<p><b></b> R. Have you ever performed or received oral sex from a man?<p><b></b> S. Have you ever performed or received oral sex from a woman?<p><b></b> T. How old were you the first time you had sex?<p><b></b> U. How many sexual partners have you had?<p><b></b> V. Have you ever practiced BDSM on yourself (bondage, nipple clamps, hot wax, et cetera)?<p><b></b> W. Have you ever had sex in front of other people?<p><b></b> X. Have you ever had a crush on a fellow blogger?<p><b></b> Y. Have you ever had an orgasm without any direct stimulation (not counting dreams)?<p><b></b> Z. Do you like being called dirty names during sex?<p>










    LifeStraw purifies water instantly and inexpensively: it is a solution that can provide millions of under-privileged people with safe drinking water.

    reblogging again because science

    Seriously, Science. Do your thing.

    IT’S ONLY 20$.


    I’ll always signal boost this because not only does this work for people in under privilege areas it’s also proof of human ingenuity.

    Really, we kids that grew up in the early 90s were all told about how we had to conserve water because drinkable water was such a rare resource and people in foreign lands were basically fucked up the ass because there was no way for them to get drinking water. 20 years and 20 bucks later one of the biggest problems humanity faced is a non issue. THAT’S FUCKING CRAZY!

    Somebody should start one of those online donate things where people can donate money to buy these to send to areas with unsafe drinking water. But somebody other than me should do it because I don’t know how to do that kind of thing or get the word out.

    this is amazing

    (via childofblue182)

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