You Got Me Feeling Sublime

I live in my own head and it all makes sense to me.
All blog types welcome. If you want a follow back, just ask. Feel free to message me about anything whenever.
No place for bigotry, ignorance, idiocy, and hate. Be cool.
*NSFW warning- I post a good amount of porn. No need to remind me.*

Jess. Chicago. Gemini.
I blog whatever I like.
blink-182 and other artists, tattoos, nature, cannabis friendly, funnies.
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    Asked by Anonymous

    3:Do you smoke? Occasionally.
    4:Do you drink? Occasionally.
    5:Do you take drugs? Occasionally.
    6:Age you get mistaken for? Young teens.
    18. Most traumatic experience? Having to move out of my childhood home. If that counts.
    25. My idea of a perfect date. Chilling, cuddling, watching a movie, pizza, getting high. I don’t really like going out much, but I’m down for pretty much whatever with him c:

    0, 2, 15

    Asked by Anonymous

    0. Height: 5-5
    2. Shoe size: 5.5 in boys, 6.5 in women
    15. Favorite movie: HTTYD

    19, 20, 22, 33, 44

    Asked by Anonymous

    19. A fact about your personality. I can be a bit out of control cx
    20. What I hate most about myself. Nothing.
    22. What I want to be when I get older. Happy. With him.
    33. What words make me feel the best about myself. I like when he calls me hermosa, but that’s just physical. I like knowing that people think I’m intelligent.
    44. A random fact about anything. Greek mythology is awesome.

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